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Art in Paris: A Guide to the Most Iconic Sculptures and Paintings


Paris is home to some of the most iconic works of art in the world. From sculptures to paintings, this city has it all. It’s said that Paris has more artists per capita than any other city in the world, and it’s easy to see why. In this guide, we’ll take you through some of the most famous sculptures and paintings in Paris and tell you why they’re worth seeing.

The Eiffel Tower – Sculpture

Of course, no list of iconic Parisian sculptures would be complete without the Eiffel Tower. This towering monument is not only the most recognizable and photographed landmark in Paris but also one of the most famous sculptures in the world. Built in 1889 as the entrance archway to the World’s Fair, the tower stands at 1,063 feet and has become a symbol of love, hope, and global unity.

La Joconde (the Mona Lisa) – Painting

The Mona Lisa, also known as La Joconde, is perhaps the most famous painting in the world. Located in the Louvre Museum, this enigmatic portrait by Leonardo da Vinci has captured the public’s imagination for centuries. The painting’s small size and the subject’s enigmatic expression have led to countless debates and theories about its meaning.

Winged Victory of Samothrace – Sculpture

Another must-see in the Louvre Museum is the Winged Victory of Samothrace. This ancient Greek sculpture depicts the goddess Nike, standing on the prow of a ship with her wings spread wide. The sculpture is set on a pedestal, designed to look like the prow of a ship, and the wind seems to be blowing through Nike’s clothes, giving the piece a sense of motion and drama.

Liberty Leading the People – Painting

If you’re interested in French history, the painting Liberty Leading the People is a must-see. This iconic work by Eugène Delacroix was painted in 1830 and depicts the French Revolution. The painting shows a woman personifying the concept of Liberty leading the people forward, carrying a rifle and a tricolor flag.

The Thinker – Sculpture

Perhaps the most famous sculpture by Auguste Rodin, The Thinker depicts a powerful figure sitting on a rock, deep in thought. Originally part of a larger sculpture called The Gates of Hell, The Thinker has become a representation of intellectualism and creativity worldwide.

Paris is a paradise for art lovers, with iconic works of art around every corner. From the towering monument of the Eiffel Tower to the enigmatic smile of the Mona Lisa, this is a city where art lovers can come and immerse themselves in the world of art. This guide has just scratched the surface of what the city has to offer. So why not start your own journey of discovery and see what other iconic works of art Paris has to offer? We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.